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When you view video clips in the ___________________, you watch them in their original format.
a) Program Monitor
b) Source Monitor
c) Media Browser
d) Timeline

When you add a clip to a sequence, the clip retains it's original frame rate, frame size and audio type.
a) True
b) False

All of the following methods will load a clip into the Source Monitor EXCEPT for which one?
a) Right click on a clip and select Open In Source Monitor
b) Drag and drop a clip into the Source Monitor
c) Select a clip and click the Send To Source Monitor button
d) Double click the clip

If I hovered my mouse pointer over the Source Monitor and I wanted to make the Source Monitor full screen, which key would I press?
a) Tab
b) / (forward slash)
c) = (equals)
d) ` (grave)

To select a portion of a clip you can set In and Out points. To set an In point, simple move your playhead to the desired starting point of your selection and press the ___ key.
a) I
b) O
c) S
d) +

____________ are partial copies of clips that are commonly used when working with very long clips, especially when there are several parts of the same original clip that might be used in a sequence.
a) Source clips
b) Duplicate clips
c) Program clips
d) Subclips

The __________ is where you will add clips to your sequences, make editorial changes to them, add visual and audio special effects, mix soundtracks and add titles and graphics.
a) Source Monitor
b) Timeline
c) Project Panel
d) Program Monitor

The default tool in Adobe Premiere Pro is the selection tool. Which keyboard shortcut is used to change to the selection tool?
a) S
b) A
c) V
d) D

A(n) __________ is a container for a series of clips that play, one after another, sometimes with multiple blended layers and often with special effects, titles and audio to produce a completed film
a) Project
b) Bin
c) Timeline
d) Sequence

How many sequences can you have in a project?
a) 15
b) 50
c) 99
d) Unlimited

Multiple layers of video and audio are arranged into ______________ in a sequence.
a) conforms
b) displays
c) converts
d) scales

When you add new clips to a sequence, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically ________ or adjusts the clips to match the sequences frame rate, frame size and audio mastering format.
a) rows
b) roads
c) tracks
d) fields

Viewing your content by clicking and dragging the playhead is referred to as_______.
a) skimming
b) scattering
c) previewing
d) scrubbing

A(n) _______________ edit is when you place a clip between 2 other clips.
a) overwrite
b) insert
c) connect
d) append

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