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What is tightly or loosely packed a substance is by taking into account its mass and volume.?
a) Density
b) volume
c) mass
d) solubility

The atoms in a gas move freely and are well separated; therefore, they have a (spread apart)
a) high density
b) low density
c) low gravity
d) high gravity

Mass divided by volume determines or equals
a) mass
b) volume
c) Density
d) weight

Melting point is temperature at which the state of matter goes from
a) gas to plasma
b) liquid to solid
c) liquid to gas
d) solid to liquid

Boiling point is the temperature at which the state of matter goes from
a) liquid to solid
b) gas to plasma
c) solid to liquid
d) liquid to gas

Freezing point is the temperature at which the state of matter goes from
a) Solid to liquid
b) liquid to solid
c) gas to plasma
d) liquid to gas

A pure substance has the _________ melting, boiling, and freezing point regardless of quantity.
a) there is no melting point
b) different
c) Same
d) there is only a boiling point

Thermal energy is defined as
a) The disorderly motion of atoms that create heat
b) energy created by earth's movement
c) volume
d) none

If a liquid has a mass of 6 grams and a volume of 2 cm3, the density of the liquid would be
a) 8 g/cm3
b) 3 g/cm3
c) 12 g/cm3
d) 0 g/cm3

The temperature during a phase change
a) Stays the same/plateaus
b) increases
c) decreases
d) doesn't change

When combining 2 substances which one substance is insoluble,substance with higher density will
a) nothing
b) float
c) mix
d) sink

Freezing melting point are same temperature, difference is heat is being added or taken away
a) True
b) false

Temperature is the measurement of
a) the amount of matter in an object
b) the amount of space matter takes up in a 3D container
c) the movement of particles of matter in a substance
d) amount of matter in an object as it is affected by gravity

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