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The reciprocal of a negative rational number _____
a) is a positive rational number
b) is a negative rational number
c) can be either a positive or a negative rational number
d) does not exist

The temperature where Cally lives is 73° and is falling 2° per hour. Which of the following equations can be used to determine how many hours (h) it will take for the temperature to drop to 65°?
a) 73−2ℎ=65
b) 73−65=2ℎ
c) 65−2ℎ=73
d) 2ℎ−73=65

Bethany spent $9.62 on fruit at the grocery store. She bought a watermelon for $4.97 and some grapes at $1.98 per pound. Which equation below can be used to determine how many pounds (p) of grapes Bethany bought?
a) 9.62+4.97=1.98p
b) 9.62=4.97+p
c) 9.62=4.97−1.98p
d) 9.62=4.97+1.98p

Braden is reading for history class, starting on page 320. The expression 320 + 2m describes the page number Braden is on after m minutes. How many minutes will it take Braden to reach page 336?
a) 8 minutes
b) 16 minutes
c) 22 minutes
d) 34 minutes

Which of the following is a solution to the equation x/3 + 2 = 7?
a) x = 3
b) x = 5
c) x = 15
d) x = 19

Is x = 2.5 a solution to the equation 4x + 8 = 18?
a) Yes, because 2.5 times 4 plus 8 is 18.
b) No, because 4 plus 2.5 plus 8 is 14.5.
c) No, because 4 plus 8 is 12.
d) No, because 42.5 plus 8 is 50.5.

Darren’s cell phone bill can be described as 40 + 10d, where d is the amount of data used in MB. If Darren wants his phone bill to be less than $70 this month, which of the following is the largest amount of data he could use without going over $70?
a) 2 MB
b) 3 MB
c) 20 MB
d) 30 MB

The value of a certain stock can be described as 3.75 + 0.05w, where w is the number of weeks since purchasing the stock. If the value of the stock is currently $5.00, how many weeks have passed?
a) 5 weeks
b) 25 weeks
c) 50 weeks
d) 100 weeks

The weight of an object on Venus is about 9/10 its weight on Earth and the weight of an object on Mars is about 2/5 its weight on Earth. What is the difference in the weight of a 170-pound person on Venus and Mars?
a) 153 pounds
b) 68 pounds
c) 221 pounds
d) 85 pounds

Which of the following expressions has a value equivalent to 4.5?
a) One-half of negative two-thirds
b) One-third of one hundred eighty-nine thousandths
c) Negative two and one-half divided by negative five-ninths
d) Negative three-fourths divided by negative three-eights

On Sunday, Yassif swam 15 2/5 miles in 2.1 hours. What was Yassif’s swimming pace in miles per hour?
a) 7 1/3 mph
b) 17 1/2 mph
c) 13 3/10 mph
d) 32 17/50 mph

Which one of the following numbers is not rational?
a) 7/16
b) 7/1
c) 7/0
d) 0.7

a) integer
b) rational number
c) rational number
d) None of the above

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