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In Caesaropapism who has supreme power in Eastern Orthodox Christianity?
a) The Byzantine Emperor
b) The Pope, the Bishop of Rome
c) The Caliph of the Abbasid Caliphate
d) The Patriarch of Constantinople

All of Rome's Existing laws were put into this law code.
a) Code of Hadrian
b) Code of Bishops
c) Code of Justinian
d) Code of Constantine

The largest church built by the Byzantine Empire was
a) St. Patrick's Cathedral
b) The Hagia Sophia
c) The Red Church
d) The Blue Mosque

Christians in the Byzantine Empire would belong to which Christian Church?
a) Roman Catholicism
b) Baptist
c) Lutheran
d) Eastern Orthodox

The language mainly spoken in the Byzantine Empire
a) Arabic
b) Greek
c) Spanish
d) Turkish

Slowly over time the Byzantine Empire loses land to which empire?
a) Holy Roman Empire
b) British
c) Islamic Caliphates
d) Song China

Which major event doomed the Byzantine Empire happened in 1204?
a) The sacking of Constantinople
b) The Han Plague
c) The Chinese Plague
d) The Bubonic Plague

The power the Pope has to excommunicate means he can do what?
a) Close down any church
b) Overthrow any King or Emperor
c) Kick people out of the Catholic Church
d) Execute any person he pleases

The Pope and Patriarch both excommunicated each other and made their own churches at this event.
a) Sack of Constantinople
b) The Great Schism
c) First Crusade
d) The Catholic Blitz

Why did the Catholic Church own most of the land in Europe?
a) Strong armies of the Pope
b) Land grants from the Emperors of Europe
c) Nobles giving the Church land after they died to get to Heaven
d) No one else wanted to claim the land

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