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What powers did the Articles of Confederation give to Congress?
a) It could make war and peace
b) to print money
c) to set up a postal system
d) all of the above

Which was NOT a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a) Every state got one vote, making for an odd number of votes
b) Congress could not impose taxes
c) no president
d) Congress had to ask the states for funds to do anything

What were the states quarrels about?
a) imports and export laws
b) slavery
c) taxes and boundaries
d) where to build the capitol building

What farmer led a rebellion refusing to sell their land and livestock to pay off their debts?
a) Thomas Paine
b) Daniel Shay
c) John Jay
d) James Madison

How did some want slaves to be counted in determining representation in Congress?
a) as three fifths of a person
b) equal to any other person
c) as property to be taxed
d) equal to cattle and horses

What was the Great Compromise?
a) A president would be in charge of deciding a stalemate in Congress
b) There would be two houses of Congress
c) There would be one house in Congress and representatives based on population
d) Each state will just form their own government

How many executives did the delegates decide to have?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7

Who were the Federalists?
a) People who believed the judicial branch would destroy the state courts
b) People who thought a president would rule like a king
c) People who believed Congress should charge as much tax as needed
d) People who supported the Constitution

Which plan called for two houses in Congress?
a) New Jersey
b) Massachusetts
c) Virginia
d) Rhode Island

What experience did most of the delegates bring to the convention?
a) Extensive political experience
b) More than two - thirds were lawyers
c) More than one in three owned slaves
d) All of the above

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