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13 Colonies To Intolerable Acts.[print questions]

What replaced the local governments created by the colonists?
a) Royal Governor
b) Royal Mayor
c) Royal Officer
d) Royal Troops

Parliament repealed (took away) the Stamp Tax but also took what away from the colonists?
a) Right to religion
b) Right to assemble
c) Right to votes
d) Right to move

Which event was the effect of the Tea Tax by the colonists?
a) Boston Massacre
b) Boston Port Act
c) Boston Port Authority
d) Boston Tea Party

Which act made it impossible for the colonists to trade?
a) Boston Port Act
b) Proclamation Act
c) Navigation Act
d) Townshend Act

Which act forced colonists to allow British troops into their homes?
a) Townshend Act
b) Navigation Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Quartering Act

Why did the King impose so many taxes?
a) He was greedy
b) Pay for the War
c) To anger the colonists
d) Give money to the colonists to pay for the troops

Which act wouldn't let the colonists move West?
a) Navigation Act
b) Proclamation Act
c) Stamp Act
d) Townshend Acts

What was the MAIN outcome of the Boston Massacre?
a) More colonists joined the patriots
b) People died
c) Colonists protested the taxes
d) The Tea Tax was repealed.

Which word means to have ONE person in authority?
a) State of Nature
b) Social Contract
c) Leviathan
d) Sovereign

Which act set the rule that the colonies could only trade with England?
a) Proclamation Act
b) Quartering Act
c) Navigation Act
d) Intolerable Act

What did the colonies feel they should make to avoid chaos?
a) Laws
b) Rules
c) Consequences
d) Settlements

What item did the colonists smuggle from the French because it was cheaper and had no tax?
a) Tea
b) Paper
c) Sugar
d) Cotton

The main goal for the King when creating the 13 colonies was....
a) Wealth
b) Resources
c) Power
d) Expansion

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