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SEM I Unit 1 Part 3.[print questions]

Mr. Cochran loves baseball and plays year-round in several community leagues. He's very goal-oriented, focused, and is out to win every game. In this situation, Mr. Cochran participates in sports because he
a) wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle
b) has a laid-back attitude
c) is very competitive by nature
d) enjoys socializing with teamates

a baseball game broadcast on the radio is an example of
a) a nonsport
b) owned-goods service
c) a sporting good
d) sport media

Which rule of thumb will help event/sport marketers develop a memorable logo?
a) it should be elaborate and flashy
b) it should include clip art
c) It should be clear and simple
d) it should contain at least three colors

A primary reason that many colleges and universities sell the naming rights for their new football stadiums or basketball arenas is to
a) help pay for construction expenses
b) honor a former student-athlete
c) create publicity for the new facility
d) encourage fans to attend sports events

Which of the following marketing activities involves writing press releases and organizing news conferences for a sport organization
a) promotion
b) advettising
c) media relations
d) community relations

When a professional football expansion team is established in a community, the economic impact might result in
a) business closures, job layoffs and high inflation rates
b) more tourism. lower tax rates and high interest rates
c) increased job creation and more consumer spending
d) higher t ax rates and fewer financial investments opportunities

Which if the following usually is a characteristic of the sport/event industry
a) Manages a worldwide media network
b) Communicates with a limited audience
c) Provides products that are different for each consumer
d) Employs only those people who have athletic ability

85% of a sport organization's season ticket holders live or work within two hours of the team's home playing field. In this situation, what factor motivates the season ticket holders decision to buy
a) The venue's design and layout
b) The stadium geographic location
c) The team's unpreedictable performances
d) Their sense of loyalty to the team's coach

Information about sponsorship cost marketing opportunities and audience demographic are examples of information
a) provided to ambush marketers
b) included in a sponsorship proposal
c) included in event programs
d) provided in the city hosting the event.

sports marketers have an advantage over all other types of licensors in the international marketplace because
a) soccer is so popular
b) sports are universally appealing
c) foreign countries are usually wealthy
d) they already make so much money in the US market

When creating tickets for a sport/event organization often embed special watermarks into the ticket design to
a) boost fan attendance rates
b) reduce the ticket's printing cost
c) discourage counterfeiting activities
d) all of the above

When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
a) include the printing costs on the back cover
b) provide product samples
c) acknowledge the event sponsors
d) offer free admission coupons to other events

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