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Which paring of sacred text and religion is correct?
a) Judaism-Torah
b) Christianity-Talmaud
c) Islam-Old Testament
d) Roman Catholic-Koran

Which is a literate adult in Europe likely to have?
a) no health care
b) a low paying job
c) no technology
d) educated children

How does having natural resources help the economy of a country
a) country is able to produce all the goods and services it needs
b) country saves money because it does not have to import natural resources
c) companies export natural resources without having to create it
d) spend more money because they have to buy natural resources

Which religion is the most dominant (largest number) of followers in Europe?
a) Islam
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Christianity

What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common?
a) all polytheistic (belief in many gods)
b) All monotheistic (Belief in one God) and have a holy site in Jerusalem
c) all believe that Jesus was the Messiah
d) all have a holy site in Mecca and holy place Synagogue

How did smog problem in the UK contribute to the acid rain problem in Germany
a) It didn't have anything to do with it.
b) smog in UK was blown by air currents to Germany and combined with rain clouds to come down as acid rain
c) sent by trucks to Germany
d) sent by boats to Germany

Founder of Judaism
a) Jesus
b) Muhammand
c) Moses
d) Abraham

FOunder of Islam
a) Moses
b) Muhammad
c) Abraham
d) Jesus

Founder of Christianity
a) Jesus
b) Abraham
c) Moses
d) Muhammad

Holy Book of Christians
a) Koran
b) Torah
c) Qu'ran
d) Bible

Holy book of Islam
a) Qu'ran (Koran)
b) Talmaud
c) Bible
d) Torah

Holy book of Judaism
a) Koran
b) Qu'ran
c) Torah
d) Bible

Followers of Islam
a) Muslims
b) Christians
c) Islamites
d) Jews

Followers of Judaism
a) Christians
b) Jews
c) Muslims
d) Hindu

Followers of Christianity
a) Christians
b) Muslims
c) Jews
d) Hindu

Symbol of Christianity
a) Crescent Moon and Star
b) Star of David
c) Cross
d) Praying hands

Symbol of Islam
a) Crescent Moon and Star
b) Cross
c) Star of David
d) Star of Bethlehem

Symbol of Judaism
a) Cross
b) Crescent Moon and Star
c) North Star
d) Star of David

Place of Worship Islam
a) Church
b) Synagogue
c) Mosque
d) Cathedral

Place of Worship Judaism
a) Synagogue
b) Church
c) Chapel
d) Mosque

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