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Europe Geography Test.[print questions]

One difference between the German and Russian languages is that Russian
a) uses the Cyrllic alphabet
b) is spoken by more people than German and English
c) has not been spoken in Russia since WWII
d) is spoken in several countries in Europe, and German is only spoken in one.

What environmental disaster occurred in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine?
a) a nuclear reactor explosion
b) acid rain caused by engine exhaust
c) the great smoke from coal burning factories
d) the death of forests due to water pollution from mining

What have Europeans done to try to solve the problem of so many languages being spoken on the continent?
a) Outlawed the use of languages spoken by only a few people
b) Decided not to trade with people who do not speak the language
c) Passed laws saying Russian is the only official language of the European Union
d) Made schoolchildren learn one or two other languages besides their native language

What is the fastest growing religion in Europe?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

Which is the oldest monotheistic religion in Europe?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

What type of languages are French and Italian?
a) Romance
b) Slavic
c) Germanic
d) Latin

What is the largest country in the world?
a) Russia
b) United States
c) China
d) Canada

The worst nuclear disaster in history occurred here:
a) United Kingdom
b) France
c) Ukraine
d) Italy

What island nation includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland?
a) Australia
b) Hawaii
c) United Kingdom
d) Japan

What is one major environmental concern in Germany?
a) Wildfires
b) Acid Rain
c) Cold Weather
d) Destruction of the rainforest

What is the world's largest inland sea (located between Africa and Southern Europe?
a) Aegean Sea
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) Adriatic Sea
d) Red Sea

what mountain range forms the boundary between European Russia and Asia Russia?
a) Alps
b) Pyrenees
c) Ural
d) Rocky

Spain and Portugal are part of the
a) United Kingdom
b) Great European Plain
c) Iberian Peninsula
d) Ural Mountains

Europe's rich farmland is found in the
a) Pyrenees
b) Great European Plain
c) Siberia
d) none of the regions have good farmland

What type of languages are English and German?
a) Slavic
b) Romance
c) Germanic
d) Latin

Which of the following areas would most likely be the most populated?
a) The highest peaks of the Alps
b) The northernmost regions of Norway
c) Fertile lowlands in Germany
d) Southern Sibera

Many of Europe's major cities exist along rivers and sea coasts because these locations
a) are safer from pollution
b) have traditionally offered access to routes for travel and trade
c) have historically supported religious freedom rather than supporting one religion over another
d) have fewer natural resources

The Alps, Pyrenees, and Urals are European
a) Rivers
b) Plains
c) Mountain ranges
d) Countries

The Rhine and the Danube are European
a) Rivers
b) Plains
c) Mountain Ranges
d) Countries

If tourists wanted to sail from northern France to Great Britain, they most likely to travel across the
a) North Sea
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) Strait of Gibraltar
d) English Channel

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