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What do scientists call a substance that is made of two or more elements?
a) Compound
b) Atom
c) Element
d) Nucleus

What is a pure lump of elemental gold made of?
a) Gold atoms
b) Compound ds of gold
c) Gold cells
d) Gold and air atoms

Which of the following is the best model for molecules in a gas?
a) Marbles being shaken in a box
b) Marbles glued together in a lump
c) Marbles in a box
d) Marbles frozen in a box

Early chemists thought the parts of the atom were spread evenly throughout the atom. How has the model changed? We now know
a) It has most of its mass in the center
b) It is standing still
c) That it is shaped like a cube
d) Most of Tha atoms particles are in the outer layers

An understanding of the structure of an atom has been developed. How much time did it take to do?
a) Several hundred years as many scientists worked on it.
b) 1 -2 years in a government project
c) Several weeks of time at a university physics department
d) Fifty years when a scientist created it as a special project

What happens to molecules of a liquid when it turns to gas? The molecules have:
a) Moved fast enough to escape the liquid
b) Moved slowly enough to escape the liquid
c) Moved around from the container
d) Moved toward the other molecules

An increase in temperature of a liquid causes it to change to which phase?
a) Gas
b) Plasma
c) Liquid
d) Solid

A decrease in the temperature of a gas would cause a change to which of the following phases first?
a) Liquid
b) Gas
c) Solid
d) Plasma

Students placed a balloon with air in the freezer for several hours. What will they observe when they take the balloon out?
a) The balloon had shrunk
b) The balloon changed color and shape
c) The balloon had expanded
d) The balloon was the same as when they started

Sidewalks have cracks that are imprinted every meter or two. What is the purpose of these cracks?
a) They help prevent cracking when the cement is heated
b) It makes the sidewalk easier to measure
c) They have always been there
d) The sidewalk looks better and can be more easily manufactured

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