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Which of the following is NOT a short term change?
a) Wildfire
b) Volcanic eruption
c) Weather cycles
d) Climate change leading to an ice age

A sheep population that lives in California has been thriving on the natural environment due to increased producer populations. A drought occurs in the area. Which of the following is most likely to happen?
a) The rain increases leading to more producers surviving and more food for the sheep
b) A decrease in the rain means that the producer population declines. Resulting in less food for the sheep, population declines
c) The decrease in rain means less competition for the sheep.
d) The producer population and the population of the sheep aren't related.

A forest fire destroys a small section of the rainforest ecosystem, which of the following organisms is most likely to survive?
a) Bird
b) Trees
c) Fungi
d) Lichen

Annual flooding causes rivers to overflow and runoff pollution gets into the river. Which of the following adaptations would an organism need to survive in the river ecosystem?
a) The ability to absorb excess water
b) The ability to compete with organisms from the land biomes
c) The organism would need an adaptation that would allow for it to be extremely mobile in water
d) The ability to survive in contaminated water

Which of the following is a possible effect of a meteor impact?
a) Volcanic ash and dust going into the atmosphere
b) Local massive extinction
c) Pollution
d) Change in the El nino/La Nina global weather cycles

What is El Nino/La Nina?
a) A type of organism
b) Unnatural weather cycles that is caused by pollution
c) Natural weather cycle that includes multi-year droughts or floods
d) Hurricanes generated by shifts on the planet's surface

A volcanic island has a very biodiverse population in its ecosystem. The plants on the island have very successful populations. The volcano erupts, sending ashes into the sky. Which of the following is most likely to happen?
a) The population would decrease because less energy is available to reproduce
b) The population would increase because the resources are readily available
c) The population would decrease because the amount of energy would increase with more lava
d) What are those?

The trees in an ecosystem are destroyed by a hurricane. How would that affect an ecosystem?
a) Forcing migratory birds to rest elsewhere
b) Reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the ecosystem
c) Increases the amount of pollution
d) N/A

Which is considered a disturbance?
a) Forest Fire
b) Not having an internet connection
c) Warm day
d) Cool day

How do short term changes affect organisms?
a) IDK
b) The short term change will allow all types of organisms to survive in the area
c) Organisms will not be affected by the changes
d) Organisms have to have the correct adaptation to survive, if they don't, they will not survive successfully

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