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Objects appear different in size and shape when placed in water due to....
a) refraction of the light waves
b) the water blocking the light waves
c) diffraction of the light waves
d) reflection of the light waves.

What part of the eye is responsible for letting in the right about of light?
a) cornea
b) lens
c) pupil
d) retina

Which part of the eye is responsible for receiving light and changing it into electrical signals?
a) cornea
b) lens
c) pupil
d) retina

Which of the following best explains why grass is green?
a) Grass reflects all colors except green.
b) Grass absorbs all colors except green which it reflects.
c) Grass only absorbs green light from the sun.
d) Grass transmits green from the sun.

Denise was driving after a summer rain shower. Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and she saw a rainbow. What made this possible?
a) Water reflects sunlight like a mirror and makes it look colored.
b) Overhead black clouds reflect in puddles.
c) Sunlight can be separated into all the colors of the rainbow.
d) Air pollution causes the sky to appear colored.

What do frequency and amplitude have in common?
a) Both frequency and amplitude can tell you how much energy a wave has.
b) Both frequency and amplitude can tell you how much matter is being moved.
c) Frequency is how big a wave is and amplitude is the distance from one crest to another.
d) Frequency and amplitude have nothing in common.

Which type of wave from the Electromagnetic Spectrum has MORE ENERGY than visible light?
a) radio waves
b) microwaves
c) infrared rays
d) X-Rays

Ultraviolet Waves.....
a) have less energy than radio waves
b) have a higher frequency than visible light
c) have a longer wavelength than visible light
d) have more energy than gamma waves.

Radio waves....
a) have more energy than ultraviolet waves.
b) have a higher frequency than ultraviolet waves.
c) are part of the electromagnetic spectrum just like visible light.
d) have very short wavelengths.

What parts of the eye are responsible for focusing light?
a) cornea and pupil
b) cornea and lens
c) pupil and iris
d) iris and retina

What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?
a) When frequency is constant, the wavelength increases.
b) The frequency decreases as the wavelength decreases.
c) They have no relationship.
d) The frequency increases as the wavelength decreases.

Which of the following colors of the visible spectrum has the LONGEST wavelength?
a) red
b) yellow
c) blue
d) violet

How do people see things?
a) Light absorbs into our eyes where we see things.
b) Light reflects off an object and enters the eye.
c) Light shines right in our eyes from the sun where the brain makes sense of it.
d) Light refracts into our eyes where we see things.

Which of the following items will absorb the most light?
a) a black beach towel
b) a white piece of notebook paper
c) a piece of clear translucent glass
d) a piece of aluminum foil

Visible Light...
a) is made up of one frequency
b) is made up of two frequencies
c) is made up of multiple frequencies
d) is not the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum

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