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What causes lactic acid fermentation?
a) too much oxygen in muscle cells
b) too little oxygen in muscle cells
c) too much sugar in muscle cells
d) too little sugar in muscle cells

DNA is shaped like a
a) straight ladder
b) long, thin rod
c) spiral staircase
d) small circle

Carbon dioxide and water enter the plant through the
a) chloroplasts
b) oxygen
c) mitochondria
d) stomata

What happens during respiration?
a) Oxygen is produced
b) chloroplasts use sunlight to make food
c) sugars are broken down to make energy
d) carbon dioxide is used to make energy

What happens during photosynthesis?
a) sugars are broken down to make energy
b) the cell uses oxygen to make food
c) carbon dioxide and water are produced
d) chloroplasts use sunlight to make food

What is chemotherapy?
a) the use of drugs to kill cancer cells
b) the use of alternative medicines to prevent cancer from occurring
c) the use of surgery to remove tumors
d) the use of radiation to destroy cancer cells

What is the main cause of lung cancer?
a) unhealthy eating
b) being overweight
c) lack of excercise
d) smoking

How are photosynthesis and respiration related?
a) They both have the same equation
b) They have opposite equations
c) They both produce oxygen
d) They both use oxygen

What are the products of respiration?
a) glucose and water
b) glucose and sugar
c) carbon dioxide and water
d) oxygen and glucose

The production of energy without using oxygen is called
a) fertilization
b) respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) fermentation

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