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Who made the first manned flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Charles Lindbergh
b) Marcus Garvey
c) Jane Addams
d) Glenn Curtiss

What was a push factor for the Great Migration?
a) New jobs in the Northeast
b) Better working conditions in the Midwest
c) Harsh treatment such as lynchings in the South
d) Higher wages in New York City

What was the nickname for women who wore dresses and sleeveless shirts in public?
a) Suffragists
b) Muckrakers
c) Flappers
d) Nativists

What was the name of the awakening of African-American culture that occurred in New York in the 1920's?
a) Social Gospel Movement
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) The New Deal
d) Prohibition

What was the name for the part of New York City that began producing vaudeville shows and became a hub for new music?
a) Harlem
b) Bronx
c) Tin Pan Alley
d) Klondike

Marcus Garvey led which of the following movements....
a) Social Gospel
b) Progressivism
c) Back-to-Africa
d) Eugenics

The Harlem Renaissance established which form of music....
a) Rock and Roll
b) Jazz
c) Hip-hop
d) Reggae

What was the name of the movement of African-Americans during the 1920's from the South the the Northeast and Midwest?
a) Westward Expansion
b) Great Migration
c) Gold Rush
d) Red Scare

Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan are best known for their involvement in which historical event?
a) The bombing of Pearl Harbor
b) Black Tuesday
c) The Teapot Dome Scandal
d) The Scopes Monkey Trial

What illegal practice was put on trial in the 'Scopes Monkey Trial'?
a) Teaching evolution in the classroom
b) Wearing a sleeveless shirt in public
c) Flying an airplane
d) Playing jazz music

Who proposed the theory of evolution?
a) Clarence Darrow
b) William Jennings Bryan
c) Charles Darwin
d) Frances Willard

Prohibition led to an increase in ...
a) Belief in evolution
b) Organized crime
c) African-Americans wishing to move back to Africa
d) Women requiring a chaperone to go on dates

What is the informal name of organized crime?
a) Progressives
b) Democrats
c) Mafia
d) Temperance

Which activist is best known for helping pass the 18th amendment and starting Prohibition?
a) Frances Willard
b) Jane Addams
c) Susan Anthony
d) Hillary Clinton

Which of the following is a social movement against the consumption of alcohol?
a) Social Gospel Movement
b) Social Darwinist Movement
c) Civil Rights Movement
d) Temperance Movement

Which amendment made the sell and consumption of alcohol illegal?
a) 15th
b) 18th
c) 19th
d) 21st

The period of time when alcohol was made illegal is called....
a) Gilded Age
b) Progressive Era
c) Prohibition
d) The Great Depression

Who was a leading pioneer in the development of the airplane?
a) Glenn Curtiss
b) Marcus Garvey
c) Charles Lindbergh
d) W.E.B. DuBois

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