US History Quiz 2.2 (Objectives 2-3) Question Preview (ID: 27052)

Populist Party And Reforms.[print questions]

Which era occurred between 1900-1920?
a) Gilded Age
b) Progressive Era
c) Civil Rights Movement
d) Cold War Era

Who was President of the United States from 1912-1920?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) William Howard Taft
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Warren G. Harding

Which law created an agency to control the money supply and manipulate the economy?
a) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
b) Pendleton Act
c) Federal Reserve Act
d) Dawes Act

During most of American history the dollar currency could be exchanged for a precious metal. What was this called?
a) Bronze Standard
b) Silver Standard
c) Gold Standard
d) Platinum Standard

Which government agency is responsible for preserving federal lands and open for visitation?
a) U.S. Geological Department
b) Centers for Disease Control
c) National Park Service
d) Federal Reserve Act

People that work in government are called the civil service. Which law reformed the civil service by encouraging employment based on merit?
a) Sherman Anti-Trust Act
b) Federal Reserve Act
c) Interstate Commerce Act
d) Pendleton Act

Which of the following Constitutional amendments allowed the federal government to levy an income tax?
a) 14th Amendment
b) 16th Amendment
c) 18th Amendment
d) 19th Amendment

Which of the following is NOT an example of direct democracy?
a) Recall
b) Initiatives
c) Referendums
d) Poll Taxes

One of the advantages of oil companies over farmers was that they paid less to use the railroads. Which law helped fix this?
a) Sherman Antitrust Act
b) Pendleton Act
c) Federal Reserve Act
d) Interstate Commerce Act

How do major political parties usually respond to popular third parties?
a) They share control of the government.
b) They give the third party a role at their conventions.
c) They sue the third party for ethics violations.
d) They address the issues raised by the third parties.

Which law gave government the power to dissolve monopolies and increase competition in the marketplace?
a) Sherman Anti-trust Act
b) Pendleton Act
c) Pure Food and Drug Act
d) Federal Reserve Act

What was the name of the third party created in the late 19th century by miners, workers and farmers to enact reform?
a) Whigs
b) Federalists
c) Republicans
d) Populists

Which word describes getting the right to vote?
a) Spoiler
b) Ratify
c) Amend
d) Suffrage

Who did the 19th Amendment give the right to vote?
a) Eighteen Year Olds
b) African-Americans
c) Poor Males
d) Women

Populists supported creating a silver standard for currency with the goal of....
a) Increasing the supply of money
b) Reducing the rate of inflation
c) Increasing the unemployment rate
d) Increasing the price of crops

Which of the following is an election to vote on a current officeholder keeping their job?
a) Initiative
b) Referendum
c) Recall
d) Amendment

Which amendment allowed for the direct election of Senators?
a) 13th
b) 17th
c) 19th
d) 21st

A public vote on a policy is called which of the following?
a) Initiative
b) Referendum
c) Recall
d) Suffrage

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