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Which social reformer was arrested for voting illegally?
a) Jane Addams
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Ida Wells
d) Booker T. Washington

What is the name of a change made to a Constitution or document?
a) Amendment
b) Ratification
c) Recall
d) Referendum

Which muckraker started settlement houses to help immigrants adjust to their new lives in America?
a) W.E.B. Dubois
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Jane Addams
d) Ida Wells

Which muckraker reported on lynching in the South?
a) W.E.B. DuBois
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Jane Addams
d) Ida Wells

Which of the following was the location of a pivotal moment in the fight for women's suffrage?
a) Seneca Falls
b) Normandy
c) Pearl Harbor
d) The Klondike

Which department was created to enforce the food regulations included in the Pure Food and Drug Act?
a) Defense Department
b) Food and Drug Administration
c) Institution of Education Sciences
d) Centers for Disease Control

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was established by which Muckraker?
a) W.E.B. DuBois
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Ida Wells
d) Jane Addams

Which muckraker was best known for encouraging African-Americans to pursue vocational training?
a) W.E.B. Dubois
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Jane Addams
d) Ida Wells

Upton Sinclair's exposure of food preparation practices led to the passage of which law?
a) Homestead Act
b) Dawes Act
c) Pendleton Act
d) Pure Food and Drug Act

What book did Upton Sinclair write describing unsanitary food preparation practices?
a) The Jungle
b) The Great Gatsby
c) On Evolution
d) War and Peace

What was the name of the movement that believed America's problems could be solved by spreading religion?
a) Progressivism
b) Populists
c) Social Gospel
d) Laissez-faire

Middle class writers and activists who worked for progressive change were called....
a) Yellow Journalists
b) Imperialists
c) Capitalists
d) Muckrakers

Who was the 'trustbusting' President who served from 1901-1908?
a) William McKinley
b) Grover Cleveland
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Theodore Roosevelt

Reformers who wanted to weaken the power of businesses and expand rights for workers and the middle class were called....
a) Suffragists
b) Progressives
c) Capitalists
d) Conservatives

Which of the following did Progressive reformers push for?
a) Promoting direct democracy
b) Amending campaign platforms
c) Limiting the use of judicial review
d) Increasing the influence of business owners in creating legislation

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