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Which of these countries have a dictatorship?
a) North Korea
b) France
c) England
d) Canada

A Theocracy is a government system based on:
a) Religion
b) Economic status
c) Royal family
d) Military control

What is an ideology?
a) The process of coming up with ideas
b) The process of inventing something
c) Your beliefs on politics and government
d) the ideology of making laws

How many types of governments are there?
a) 3
b) 7
c) 2
d) 5

What is the difference between a Monarchy and a Democracy?
a) A Monarchy is ruled by rich people and a democracy by poor people
b) A monarchy is ruled by a king, queen, or ruling family; while a democracy is where citizens elected officials to govern.
c) A Monarchy is ruled by a conservative person and democracy is ruled by a more liberal person
d) A Monarchy is ruled by a religious leader and a democracy is ruled by an one un-elected person who controls all

What is Politics?
a) The game to see who gets what
b) Institutions that make laws
c) The rules of a society
d) Your beliefs on government

What is a government?
a) The rules and decisions of a society
b) Institutions that make laws and public policy
c) Who gets what when and how
d) Beliefs on politics

What is public policy?
a) Institutions that make laws
b) Who gets what and how
c) The rules and decisions of society
d) What the public thinks about government?

Which of these nationalities is an example of a stateless nation?
a) Palestinians
b) Turkish
c) Chinese
d) French

What is a landlocked nation?
a) A nation that has direct access to the ocean
b) A nation where land is very expensive to buy
c) A nation that has a non functioning government
d) A nation that has no direct access to the sea or ocean

How many nations are there?
a) 100
b) 200
c) 192
d) 300

What does Sovereign mean?
a) dependent
b) Independent

What is Patriotism?
a) Having no pride in a country
b) When citizens are jealous of another country
c) When citizens what to to leave a country
d) Having pride in a country

What is Nationalism?
a) Losing faith on your country
b) Pride in one's country
c) Believing your country is the best and superior to others
d) The process of creating your own nation

What is a Nation/State?
a) An independent unit that occupies a territory and has control of its internal and external affairs
b) A continent
c) An area that depends on another area to survive
d) A piece of land

A totalitarian system controls what?
a) Only a few aspects of life
b) All Aspects of life

A Communistic society is considered part of which two systems?
a) Government and Religious system
b) Only an Economic system
c) Only a government system
d) A Government and Economic system

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