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When the textbook uses dates like 3500 B.C.E.. What does B.C.E. mean?
a) before christ
b) before christ existed
c) before calendar era
d) before common era

We are in the year 2015. The year can also be written as...
a) 2015 B.C.E.
b) 2015 C.E.
c) 2015 B.C.
d) 2015 A.D.E.

Which two are the same?
a) B.C. A.D.
b) A.D. C.E.
c) C.E. B.C.
d) B.C.E. C.E.

How many years in a decade?
a) 10
b) 100
c) 1,000
d) 10,000

How many years in a century?
a) 10
b) 100
c) 1,000
d) 10,000

What is an epoch?
a) one million years
b) 10,000 years
c) all the years up to today's date
d) a time in history during a huge event

Does what happens in earlier years effect later civilizations?

Which is an example of primary source?
a) biography
b) textbook
c) autobiography
d) wikipedia

Which of the following is NOT a primary source?
a) mobile phone video clip
b) journal, diary, or letter
c) photograph
d) article in the newspaper

When analyzing secondary sources like the television news, you must look for possible ________.
a) questions
b) answers
c) facts
d) bias (unfair favoring one side over the other)

When newspapers and news shows tell you about presidential candidates by giving you both points of view without bias, that is an example of good secondary source information.

What are some of things we need to have for a food surplus (extra food)?
a) water
b) seeds
c) soil
d) all of the above

Which is an example of humans creating an invention due to a lack of a resource?
a) wheel
b) fishing
c) hunting
d) irrigation

What allowed people to finally have enough time to sit down and think of new inventions that made mankind more advanced?
a) trade
b) discovery of gold
c) hunting
d) specialized jobs

Every invention was created because all people did not have to farm. Specialized jobs were able to be created because of
a) food surplus or stable food supply
b) the right amount of rainfall
c) bronze weapons
d) stone tools

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