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The idea that a country should make as much money as possible through its trade relationships is the policy of
a) salutary neglect
b) trade economy
c) democracy
d) mercantilism

Intentionally leaving the colonies alone to take care of themselves was known as the policy of
a) mercantilism
b) popular sovereignty
c) federalism
d) salutary neglect

Which of the regions of North Carolina is closest to the ocean?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Middle Colonies
c) Piedmont
d) Mountains

Many early conflicts between Native Americans and European countries were about
a) money
b) slavery
c) trade
d) territory

Why was North Carolina's coast not a likely place that ships would port?
a) The coast of North Carolina is very rocky and made it difficult to navigate
b) There were no towns in North Carolina
c) They were afraid of pirates off the coast of North Carolina
d) North Carolina does not have a coastline

What region of North Carolina do we live in?
a) Mountains
b) Piedmont
c) Coastal Plain
d) Tidewater

Which colonial region would most likely have trade as its source of income?
a) Coastal Plain
b) Mountains
c) New England Colonies
d) Middle Colonies

Which of the following are the three colonial regions of the 13 colonies?
a) New England, Piedmont, Southern
b) New England, Middle, Southern
c) Southern, Piedmont, New England
d) Coastal Plain, Mid-West, Piedmont

The Southern colonies can be characterized as
a) warm climate with fertile soil suitable for growing crops on large plantations
b) rocky soil not great for growing anything
c) rolling hills, mild climate and suitable for growing things like wheat, oats and rye.
d) cold climate with an economy that is dependent on the ocean

Which of the following are the three regions of NC?
a) New England, Middle, Southern
b) Tidewater, Piedmont, Mountains
c) Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Mountains
d) Coastal Plain, Foothills, Mountains

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