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The eagle is a symbol of?
a) National Freedom
b) Nation
c) Birds of Prey
d) United States

premier leadership, personal growth, and career success makes up what?
a) FFA Creed
b) FFA Salute
c) FFA Mission
d) FFA Motto

which part of the FFA emblem symbolizes a common interest?
a) Rising Sun
b) Owl
c) Ear of Corn
d) FFA Ag Education

The plow is a symbol of?
a) History
b) Labor
c) Farming
d) Field Work

The rising sun symbolizes?
a) Progress
b) Light
c) Darkness
d) Sight

A proficiency award is awarded by students work on what?
a) CDEs
b) Class Grades
c) SAEs
d) Officer Positions

What does CDE stand for?
a) Career Domestic Events
b) Career Dominant Events
c) Career Delegate Events
d) Career Development Events

This officer keeps financial records
a) Reporter
b) Treasurer
c) President
d) Vice President

Which officer is required to take minutes of a meeting?
a) Sentinel
b) Vice President
c) Sentinel
d) Secretary

The advisor is stationed by the
a) Owl
b) Plow
c) Ear of Corn
d) Rising Sun

Why does the FFA use opening and closing ceremonies
a) It's formal
b) Tradition and Explanation of the Emblem
c) It allows for structure
d) Gives Officers something to say

What happened in FFA in 1988
a) Girls were allowed in
b) Smith Hughes Act
c) FFA Begins
d) Name Change

FFA colors are?
a) Gold and blue
b) Carolina Blue and corn yellow
c) National Blue and Corn Gold
d) Yellow and Blue

The pledge of allegiance in FFA is known as the?
a) FFA Motto
b) FFA Salute
c) FFA Mission
d) FFA Creed

Which degree is awarded at the state level?
a) State
b) Discovery
c) Greenhand
d) American

What is the highest FFA degree one can earn?
a) Discovery Degree
b) State Degree
c) American Degree
d) Chapter Degree

Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve is an example of what?
a) FFA Degree
b) FFA Creed
c) FFA Mission
d) FFA Motto

SAE stands for
a) Satisfied Agriculture Experience
b) Scientific Agriculture Experience
c) Supervised Agriculture Experience
d) Stationed Agriculture Experience

Which is NOT a primary SAE category
a) Prediction
b) Exploratory
c) Research
d) Entrepreneurship

Who wrote the FFA Creed
a) D.L. Moody
b) E.M. Tiffany
c) President Nixon
d) Henry S Grace

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