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A student observes onion cells under a microscope at 400x magnification. The student should be able to observe
a) mitochondria
b) nucleus
c) ribosome
d) centriole

What is the highest magnification that can be obtained with a microscope that has a 10x eyepiece with 10x and 43x objectives?
a) 43x
b) 100x
c) 430x
d) 4300x

Which microscope part regulates the amount of light that reaches the objective lens?
a) eyepiece
b) fine adjustment knob
c) objective lens
d) diaphragm

Which process requires the expenditure of cellular energy?
a) passive transport
b) active transport
c) osmosis
d) diffusion

The process of osmosis is best illustrated by the movement of
a) water into root hair cells
b) oxygen into red blood cells
c) carbon dioxide through stomates
d) glucose through phloem

A biologist diluted a blood sample with distilled water. While observing the sample under a microscope, she noted that the red blood cells burst. This was caused by T
a) staining
b) ingestion
c) osmosis
d) active transport

The organelle that is the site of cellular respiration is the
a) chloroplast
b) nucleus
c) mitochondrion
d) ribosome

An organelle found in most plant cells, but absent from animal cells, is the
a) contractile vacuole
b) centriole
c) chloroplast
d) Golgi complex

Which cell part selectively regulates the entry and exit of substances?
a) cell membrane
b) ribosome
c) nucleolus
d) nuclear membrane

Which statement is NOT part of the cell theory?
a) Cells are the basic unit of structure of living things.
b) Cells are the basic unit of function of living things.
c) Cell parts such as chloroplasts are self replicating.
d) Cells come from pre-existing cells.

Which of the following produces identical nuclei in cells?
a) pollination
b) mitosis
c) osmosis
d) fertilization

Which is the best tool to measure the volume of a liquid?
a) balance
b) thermometer
c) measuring tape
d) graduated cylinder

Euglena uses which of these to move?
a) cilia
b) vacuole
c) flagellum
d) pseudopodia

What are the basic structural units of living organisms?
a) cells
b) nuclei
c) organs
d) tissues

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