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What often happens when a chemical or physical change occurs?
a) changes in mass
b) changes in size
c) changes in energy
d) changes in color

What must often be added to increase the speed or ability of two substances to react?
a) adding heat
b) a bigger container
c) more substances
d) adding water

What kinds of energy are produced by bright fireworks?
a) electricity, steam
b) motion, gravity
c) sound, magnetism
d) light, heat

Which of these is an example of energy involved in a chemical change?
a) dropping a rock
b) heating a burner on a stove top
c) freezing an ice cube
d) burning a candle

How does adding heat affect liquid water?
a) it becomes a solid
b) its molecules move faster
c) new substances form
d) a color change is produced

What does liquid water need to change into water vapor?
a) heat energy
b) a test tube
c) a thermometer
d) stirring

What would you be expecting water to do at 100C?
a) condensing
b) freezing
c) boiling
d) shaking

An exothermic reaction:
a) releases heat energy
b) absorbs heat energy
c) emits loud noises
d) shines brightly

When lighting a match, why must it be drawn rapidly along a rough surface?
a) it is traditional
b) to provide an electrical spark
c) the rough surface shortens the match
d) to provide heat to start the reaction

What energy is required in order for photosynthesis to occur?
a) heat
b) sunlight
c) electrical spark
d) none, it is spontaneous

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