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When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
a) include the primary costs on the back cover
b) provide product samples
c) acknowledge the event sponsors
d) offer free admission coupons to other events

When NASCAR fans list the sponsors featured on their favorite driver's car or clothing, they are demonstrating
a) ambush marketing
b) sponsorship clutter
c) public service
d) brand recognition

A celebrity who is paid to use a product and discuss its effectiveness during a lengthy TV commercial is giving(n)
a) personal observation
b) testimonial
c) interview
d) sales presentation

Professional sports teams benefits their surrounding community by
a) endorsing local political candidates
b) attracting tourist dollars
c) hiring handlers to make sure athletes behave
d) making seat licenses available to season ticket holders

The programs, hot dogs, drinks and souvenirs that fans buy during a sporting event are part of the total sports
a) product
b) promotion
c) market
d) strategy

A primary reason that large business purchase the naming rights to a new sport/event facility is because it
a) Usually increases spectator fan-base loyalty levels
b) is the least expensive way to create name recognition
c) reduces the need to engage in other promotional activities
d) provides exclusivity and has potential to maximize exposure

Which of the following statements is true regarding sports marketing
a) Corporations sponsor sporting events to decrease their brand recognition
b) The distribution of licensed sports apparel is an effective way to create team and brand awareness
c) The use of high-profile athletes to endorse products does not increase brand recognition
d) Sports marketing encompasses only the radio and television media

Which of the following is an example of a licensed product
a) NASCAR earnings
b) Buick invitational golf tournament
c) Converse shoes
d) Wheaties cereal box feature Hough athletes

Promoting and selling an intangible product that is immediately consumed and cannot be resold is a unique characteristic of___________marketing
a) Target
b) Mass
c) Event
d) Direct

A person responsible for matching up corporations with events that reach their target market has a career in
a) Sponsorship management
b) Sales Promotion
c) Hospitality
d) Advertising Sales

Customers who seem to disagree, question or look for error in almost everything and everybody are ________customers
a) Argumentative
b) Domineering
c) Insulting
d) Dishonest

When designing an event program for a charity event, it is important to
a) include the printing coast on the back cover
b) provide product samples
c) acknowledge the event sponsors
d) offer free admission coupons to other events

Which of the following marketing activities involves responsibility for a sport organization licensing activities.
a) Community relations
b) Public relations
c) Sales
d) Merchandiisng

One of the primary reasons that people are motivated to attend arena football games is the
a) Instant-replay feature
b) Affordable ticket prices
c) Low scores
d) Prime-time network television exposure

The relationship between a sponsor and a sport entity is often described as a
a) Merger
b) Partnership
c) Buyout
d) Takeover

Your high-school's Basketball team went to the state championship game last year, but didn't even make the play-offs this year. This is an example of a(n)________sport/event product
a) Inconsistent
b) Perishable
c) Tangible
d) Consistent

What are royalties?
a) A percentage of expected sales
b) A percentage of actual sales
c) A percentage of union dues
d) A percentage of taxes

Which if the following help create the excitement and enthusiasm that make the games what they are:
a) Team Owners
b) Coaches
c) Trainers
d) Spectators

What might a sport organization offer a business to encourage that business to sponsor an event?
a) Naming Rights
b) Percent of Profits
c) Partial Ownership
d) Free Advertisement

If Sprite is the only soft-drink sponsor of your favorite team, Sprite is considered a (n) ? _____sponsor
a) Dynamic
b) Large-Business
c) Sole
d) Exclusive

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