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What do some professional sport teams do to promote renewed interest in a tea that is losing support from fans
a) Redesign logos
b) Increase Prices
c) Send Newsletters
d) Change Sponsors

Which of the following are the most important considerations when designing a basketball team's logo:
a) Mascot and team size
b) Team name and team size
c) Team colors and team name
d) Location and mascot

One of the main differences between professional and amateur athletes is that for professional, the game is often
a) Their occupation
b) Closed to the public
c) Free of Charge
d) Played for enjoyement

Which of the following is an example of marketing the sport event:
a) Holding a race for a charitable organization
b) Selling food products to a concession stand
c) Delivering exercise bikes to retailers
d) Distributing information about a NASCAR race

Which if the following is a characteristic of an effective sport/event logo
a) Remote
b) Timeless
c) Practical
d) Ambiguous

Athletes are often considered to be particularly effective promoting products related to their
a) Education
b) Background
c) Sport
d) Liefestyle

Which of the following is an example of a celebrity endorsing an event simply by being associated with it:
a) Saying a tournament is great
b) Attending a Gand Opening
c) Appearing in a print ad
d) Cheering for a football team

Over the years, Wrigley Field has earned a reputation as of the best places to watch a major league
a) Awareness
b) Image
c) Image Extension
d) Loyalty

Because the outcomes of a match is uncertain, many fans attending a sporting event are motivated by the game's ________values?
a) Financial
b) Entertainment
c) Economic
d) Physical

A unique characteristic of the sport industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
a) Demand mostly tangible products
b) Have consumers with artistic talent
c) Include spectators and participants
d) Are concerned with environmental issues

A Characteristic of the sport Industry is that it seeks to attract markets that
a) during planned intervals
b) at the same time
c) by the same group of people
d) in unemotional ways

Most sport/event products are classified as
a) Pure Goods
b) Pure Services
c) A combination of Goods and Services
d) A Combination of rented and owned-goods services

The team name mascot and logo are important elements that a sport/event organizations uses to create and maintain.
a) Financial Accountability
b) Brand Awareness
c) Image Extension
d) Market Segmentation

What should be included in an event program if it islonger than four pages?
a) Satisfaction Survey
b) Table of Contents
c) Local news articles
d) Statement of organizers

The basis for licensing process is
a) The fans
b) Manufacturing
c) Trademarked property
d) Sponsorship

You are marketing the premier of a new Infiniti automobile, which will be revealed at a car show in Dallas Texas. You are in charge of advertising. Which of the following would be your responsibility
a) Researching the target audience
b) Conducting test drives
c) Taking ticket orders
d) Buying commercial time on television

The core benefits to customers who purchases sport products include entertainment, health and ?
a) Promotion
b) Independence
c) Achievement
d) Adaptability

One characteristic of event marketing involves promoting and selling a(n)?
a) Tangible product
b) Unique Experience
c) Nonperishable Item
d) Physical Appeal

Mr. Cochran enjoys taking his family to professional baseball games because of the memories he has as a young boy, What factor motivates Mr. Cochran to attend these sporting events with his family?
a) Cultural norms and values
b) Class and gender relations
c) popular athletes
d) significant others

Miss LaTisma goes to an exercise class three times a week at a local gym in Charlotte. She takes the class to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to catch up with her friends. What motivates Miss LaTisma to attend the exercise class?
a) The thrill of competition and social status
b) Low membership costs and sport appreciation
c) Personal improvements and social facilitation
d) The need for recognition and personal values

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