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Most American Indians tell origin stories, or tales that explain
a) the different foods tribes often eat.
b) the steps to their traditional dances.
c) the migration of American Indians.
d) where their ancestors came from.

Where did the American Indians come from before they migrated to North and South America?
a) Asia
b) Australia
c) England
d) Europe

Why are grasslands not good for growing crops for food.
a) It is to hot.
b) To many parasites live in the grasslands to grow food.
c) Grasslands only get enough water to support grass, but not enough to grow crops.
d) Spanish invaders would often destroy other peoples crops.

Another word that means the same as adapting is ____________.
a) harvesting
b) melting
c) growing
d) changing

Native Americans, such as the Inuit, used the __________________ around them to adapt to the environment.
a) local stores
b) origin stories
c) natural resources
d) migration routes

In which of these environments did nativeAmericans choose to settle?
a) Arctic ice fields
b) Mountains
c) deserts
d) All of the above.

Where do we believe Native Americans Migrated From
a) Mexico
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) South America

Which of the following is not a natural resource
a) forest
b) deer and rabbits
c) origin story
d) animal skins

Tales that explain how the earth and its people came to be
a) origin stories
b) environments
c) adapt
d) migration routes

The first Native Americans Migrated to the Americas from_______________
a) The Moon
b) Mars
c) another part of the world.
d) Louisville, Ky

Another word for migrating is ______________.
a) adapting
b) moving
c) Africa
d) Longitude

Places where Native American settled that had water, land, animals, plants, and other natural resources is called
a) origin stories
b) environments
c) adapt
d) migration routes

Paths that Native Americans took to their new homes in are called
a) migration routes
b) adaptations
c) environment
d) origin stories

To use the natural resources to adjust to livin in a particular environment is a called
a) migration
b) origin stories
c) environment
d) adapt

Which of the following best describes what most scientists believe to be the migration route of most Native Americans?
a) by land from northeast Asia, across a land bridge to North America, and then into South America
b) by sea, across the Pacific Ocean to North and South America
c) by land from South America and then into North America
d) by sea from Africa, across the Atlantic ocean, and into North and South America

Which of these items is least likely to have been made by the Inuit as they adapted to theiri environment
a) a basket woven from grass
b) snow goggles made from bone
c) an igloo built out of ice and snow
d) a seal-skin float

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