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a) To bargain
b) To pay
c) To camp
d) To fish

Montar a caballo
a) To bargain
b) To camp
c) To fish
d) To horseback ride

a) To pay
b) To fish
c) To bargain
d) To horseback ride

Comprar unos recuerdos
a) To buy souvenirs
b) To camp
c) To board the plane
d) To buy a roundtrip ticket

Dar una caminata
a) To camp
b) To fish
c) To horseback ride
d) To take a hike

El acensor
a) The hotel
b) The lodging/accomodation
c) The elevator
d) The escalator

La habitacion doble
a) The single room
b) The double room
c) The hostel
d) The hotel

La tarjeta de credito
a) The cash
b) The credit card
c) To pay
d) The gift card

a) What
b) Where
c) Who
d) How

a) How
b) Who
c) When
d) Why

a) When
b) Why
c) Who
d) How

a) Who
b) When
c) Which
d) Why

a) How many
b) When
c) Why
d) What

Tomar fotos
a) To horseback ride
b) To buy jewelry
c) To take pictures
d) To fish

El collar and Los aretes are...
a) El dinero en efectivo
b) Las joyas
c) El hostal
d) El mercardo al aire libre

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