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Relationship where both organisms benefit
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Parasitism
d) Competition

Relationship where one organsim benefits and the othe is not helped nor harmed
a) commensalism
b) mutuatlism
c) parasitism
d) competition

Relationship where one organsim benefits and the other is harmed
a) parasitism
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) competition

when organisms have to fight each other or other organisms for resources to survive
a) competition
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

organism that takes nutrients or energy from another
a) parasite
b) host
c) predator
d) prey

the organism that is being attacked by the parasite
a) host
b) parasite
c) predator
d) prey

organism that is attacking
a) predator
b) prey
c) parasite
d) host

organism that is being attacked
a) prey
b) parasite
c) predator
d) host

the largest population an area can support
a) carrying capacity
b) limiting factor
c) prey
d) predator

something that prevents the population from growing or causes it to decrease
a) limiting factor
b) carrying capacity
c) prey
d) predator

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