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An ice cube is left on a table for an hour. What evidence shows a physical change takes place?
a) It melts into water.
b) It bubbles and gives off gas.
c) It gives off carbon dioxide.
d) It turns into a different substance.

An iron nail left ourdoors for a year undergoes a chemical change. What evidence would be visible? The nail would be:
a) bent
b) sharper
c) buried in soil
d) rusty

Three chemicals are mixed together and the resulting mixture is a different color. What is this evidence of?
a) chemical change
b) nuclear change
c) atomic change
d) physical change

Which of the following is an example of chemical change?
a) melting
b) subliming
c) rusting
d) boiling

Salt is added to water and dissolves. This is evidence of:
a) physical change
b) nuclear change
c) chemical change
d) space inversion

Two chemicals are combined and bubbles form. What is the state of the product?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Which of the following is not a chemical change?
a) melting
b) rusting
c) respiration
d) photosynthesis

A balloon is placed in a freezer. What is the evidence a physical change has occurred?
a) has shrunk in size
b) cannot be found
c) is giving off a new gas
d) cannot return to its original size

How do you know when a chemical reaction has occurred?
a) the substance changes size, shape, texture and mass
b) a new substance has formed
c) the mass of the reactants is changed into energy that is given off
d) a phase change has occurred

An iron nail rusts when left outdoors Why might the nail no longer be useful?
a) it has turned orange and red
b) it has become wet and dry several times
c) it is not long and skinny anymore
d) it is now made of a softer substance

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