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Water is heated and evaporates. What type of change is described?
a) energy change
b) physical change
c) nuclear change
d) chemical change

The temperature at which liquid changes into a gas.
a) chemical properties
b) color change
c) melting point
d) boiling point

When metals bond with nonmetals they form _____________ bonds.
a) covalent
b) ionic
c) shared
d) stolen

In a _____________________ bond, the atoms are bound by shared valence electrons.
a) Covalent
b) Ionic
c) Shared
d) Stolen

Mixtures can be separated by physical means, such as, filtration, sifting, and ____________.
a) Mixtures
b) Sanding
c) Evaporation

Pepsi, vinegar, orange juice: What property do all three of these common household substances have in common?
a) They are all acidic.
b) They all taste bitter
c) They all have a pH above 7
d) They all turn litmus paper blue.

Oven cleaner is a highly caustic chemical that reacts with baked on foods. It is dangerous to the touch and has a very slippery feel. What is the likely pH of oven cleaner?
a) below 4
b) around 7
c) above 10
d) between 5 and 7

Substances that can be used to determine whether a solution is an acid, a base, or neutral are called _________________.
a) base
b) indicator
c) acid
d) pH

To determine the density of a carton of milk, you would measure
a) its weight
b) its length
c) the mass and volume
d) the length and vollume

What is the pH range of a base?
a) 0 - 3
b) 5 - 7
c) 0 - 6.9
d) 7.1 - 14

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