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The temperature at which liquid changes into a gas.
a) chemical properties
b) color change
c) melting point
d) boiling point

Water is heated and evaporates. What type of change is described?
a) energy change
b) physical change
c) nuclear change
d) chemical change

In a _____________________ bond, the atoms are bound by shared valence electrons.
a) Covalent
b) Ionic
c) Shared
d) Stolen

When metals bond with nonmetals they form _____________ bonds.
a) covalent
b) ionic
c) shared
d) stolen

Mixtures can be separated by physical means, such as, filtration, sifting, and ____________.
a) Mixtures
b) Sanding
c) Evaporation

Pepsi, vinegar, orange juice: What property do all three of these common household substances have in common?
a) They are all acidic.
b) They all taste bitter
c) They all have a pH above 7
d) They all turn litmus paper blue.

Oven cleaner is a highly caustic chemical that reacts with baked on foods. It is dangerous to the touch and has a very slippery feel. What is the likely pH of oven cleaner?
a) below 4
b) around 7
c) above 10
d) between 5 and 7

Substances that can be used to determine whether a solution is an acid, a base, or neutral are called _________________.
a) base
b) indicator
c) acid
d) pH

To determine the density of a carton of milk, you would measure
a) its weight
b) its length
c) the mass and volume
d) the length and vollume

What is the pH range of a base?
a) 0 - 3
b) 5 - 7
c) 0 - 6.9
d) 7.1 - 14

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