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In After Twenty Years, the fact that the man gives a long explanation to the police officer shows that the man
a) is lost
b) is hiding something
c) is a criminal
d) doesn't recognize his old friend

Which character determines the resolution of A Retrieved Reformation?
a) Annabel Adams
b) Mr. Adams
c) Mike Dolan
d) Ben Price

In A Retrieved Reformation, Jimmy is released from jail because
a) of his good behavior
b) he was innocent
c) he bribed the governor
d) he had served his entire four-year sentence.

Why does Jimmy Valentine decide to go into the shoe business?
a) He decides to give up crime and needs honest work.
b) He has always liked fancy clothes and stylish shoes.
c) The warden has warned him to stay away from burglary.
d) The newer safes are nearly impossible for him to break into.

Why does Jimmy decide to give up safe cracking?
a) He has lost confidence in his safe cracking skills.
b) Ben Price is on his trail.
c) He has found a law-abiding life that is more satisfying.
d) Safe cracking does not pay well enough.

Which one of the following statements DOES NOT help you predict that Jimmy Valentine will open the safe?
a) Annabel begs him to help.
b) Agatha is terrified inside the dark safe.
c) Mr. Adams is certain that no one nearby can do it.
d) Mr. Adams is proud of his new safe.

In A Retrieved Reformation, which of the prison warden's words to Jimmy help you predict the surprise ending?
a) He says Jimmy is an innocent victim.
b) He says Jimmy is not a bad fellow at heart.
c) He praises Jimmy for having friends in high-toned society.
d) He says the mean old jury had it in for Jimmy.

In A Retrieved Reformation, what can you predict that Jimmy will do when he notices Annabel coming out of the bank?
a) He will find a way to meet her.
b) He will ask her to be his partner in crime.
c) He will use her friendship to get into the bank's safe.
d) He will go ahead and rob the bank.

In A Retrieved Reformation, which of Jimmy's actions gives a clue to his plans for continuing to crack safes?
a) He goes to a restaurant to eat.
b) He goes to his room and picks up his burglar's tools.
c) He changes clothes and cuts his hair.
d) He drinks a seltzer and milk with Mike Dolan.

In A Retrieved Reformation, Jimmy wears fancy clothes, eats well, and robs banks for quick money. What does this tell you about him?
a) He wants to move to a big city.
b) He likes the good life.
c) He wants to become famous.
d) He grew up in poverty.

In After Twenty Years, Bob states that a man can get in a rut in New York, and that it takes the West to put a razor's edge on him. What does he mean by A RAZOR'S EDGE?
a) Successful businessmen spend a lot of time traveling.
b) Competition with other men will sharpen a man's wits.
c) Familiarity with his environment will help a man settle down.
d) A man looks most respectable when his face is clean shaven.

In After Twenty Years, which event causes the first police officer to learn the truth about the man in the doorway?
a) The officer notices the man standing in the dark doorway.
b) The man in the doorway tells the officer he is waiting for a friend.
c) The man in the doorway striked a match and then lights his cigar.
d) The man in the doorway says it has been twenty years since he has seen his friend.

At the end of After Twenty Years, the letter to Bob revealed which piece of previously concealed information.
a) The first officer had recently been to Chicago.
b) The first officer was Bob's friend from the past.
c) The second officer was Bob's friend from the past.
d) The second officer had recently been assigned to Chicago.

Which is most likely the THEME of After Twenty Years?
a) Police work can be dangerous.
b) Travel provides opportunities for change.
c) Old friends an change considerably over time.
d) Financial success produces the most positive results.

In After Twenty Years, when the man claiming to be Jimmy first approaches Bob, what FIRST arouses Bob's suspicions about him?
a) his voice
b) his nose
c) his height
d) his walk

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