Unit 3 Review- World History Question Preview (ID: 27004)

Unit Review- Feudalism (Europe), World Religions, Islam And Its Spread.[print questions]

The spread of Islam was driven PRIMARILY by which of the following?
a) Language and Culture
b) Conquest and Trade
c) Trade and Culture
d) Language and Conquest

The Papacy is an example of which type of government?
a) Monarchy
b) Republic
c) Democracy
d) Theocracy

The European Feudal system and Hindu Caste System are BOTH which of the following?
a) political systems
b) social structures
c) religions
d) bureaucracies

What are the main values of Confucianism?
a) liberty, fraternity, equality
b) harmony, balance, unrushed life
c) submission, faith, charity
d) education, loyalty, repsect

In Daoism, what is their main idea about people and nature?
a) conflict
b) harmony
c) happiness
d) enlightenment

What is the name of the Indian social system under Hinduism?
a) feudalism
b) caste system
c) meritocracy
d) democracy

In European Feudalism, what does the King give to his Lords in exchange for their loyalty and service?
a) Food
b) Money
c) Race Horses
d) Land

In European Feudalism, what is the main role of the peasants?
a) Fight in Wars
b) Do All the Manual Labor
c) Lead the Manor
d) Supply the Land

What is the big SIMILARITY between Islamic civilization and the Indian Gupta civilization?
a) Caste System
b) Don't Eat Cows
c) Strong Math and Science
d) Arabic Language

Which answer choice has the two main SIMILARITIES between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
a) Dietary Laws (food) and Holidays
b) Monotheism (one god) and Worship Same God
c) Prophets and Laws
d) Art and Culture

How is Buddhism DIFFERENT from Hinduism?
a) rejected caste system
b) no reincarnation
c) no meditation
d) shift from poly- to monotheism

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