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Contains buttons (icons) for common commands.
a) quick access toolbar
b) view buttons
c) insertion point
d) status bar

Shows where text will appear when you begin typing
a) insertion point
b) status bar
c) quick access toolbar
d) view buttons

Documents printed in ________________ orientation are wider than they are long.
a) landscape
b) draft
c) word processing
d) word wrap

If the text you are typing extends beyond the right margin, it automatically moves to the next line with a feature called ________________.
a) word wrap
b) word processing
c) landscape
d) draft

The use of computer software to enter and edit text is called ____________________.
a) word processing
b) draft
c) landscape
d) word wrap

____________________ view displays only the text of a document without showing the arrangement of the text; if your document includes any pictures, they would not appear.
a) draft
b) landscape
c) word processing
d) word wrap

Which dialog box do you use to save a file for the first time?
a) Save As
b) Save
c) Save File
d) Locate File

Most documents are printed in ____ orientation.
a) landscape
b) sideways
c) upright
d) portrait

The Print tab contains settings for printing your document. You can change the ____.
a) all of these
b) orientation
c) paper size
d) margins

You can rename a folder by ____ the folder, and then clicking Rename on the shortcut menu.
a) right-clicking
b) double clicking
c) dragging
d) left-clicking

Pressing the ____ key deletes the character to the left of the insertion point.
a) Backspace
b) Delete
c) Tab
d) Enter

Press the Keyboard shortcut ____ to go to the beginning of the line.
a) Home
b) End
c) Page Up
d) Page Down

____view shows text on the screen in a format that is easy to read and hides the Ribbon.
a) Full Screen Reading
b) Web layout
c) Print Layout
d) Draft

Allow you to change views quickly
a) view buttons
b) quick access toolbar
c) insertion point
d) status bar

Displays information about the current document and process.
a) status bar
b) insertion point
c) quick access toolbar
d) view buttons

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