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The ____ command allows you to see these hidden formatting marks.
a) Yes/No
b) On/Off
c) Marks/No Makrs
d) Show/HIde

To ____ text means to highlight a block of text.
a) select
b) choose
c) find
d) open

To quickly select everything in a document, press and hold ____.
b) CTRL+F3

To select blocks of text that are not next to each other, select the first block of text, press and hold down ____, and then use the mouse to select additional blocks of text.
b) TAB
c) F3

The Redo command reverses a(n) ____ action.
a) Undo
b) Restore
c) Help
d) Recycle

When you ____ selected text, it remains in its original location and a copy of it is placed on the Clipboard.
a) copy
b) cut
c) paste
d) move

In the find and Replace dialog box, ____ allows you to jump to a specific part of a document.
a) Go To
b) Go Now
c) Jump To
d) Jump Now

Clicking a button once to turn on a feature and clicking it again to turn off a feature is known as ____________________.
a) toggling
b) clipboard
c) find
d) status bar

The ____________________ is a temporary storage place in the computer’s memory.
a) clipboard
b) find
c) status bar
d) toggling

The number of words in a document appears in the ____________________ and is updated as you type.
a) status bar
b) find
c) clipboard
d) toggling

When you click the ____________________ button, the Navigation pane appears on the left side of the program window.
a) find
b) clipboard
c) status bar
d) toggling

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