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If a wooden block were cut into eight identical pieces, the density of each piece compared to the density of the original block would be
a) the same
b) greater
c) less
d) none of the above

As a volume of air expands due to heating, the density of this air will
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same
d) none of the above

Compared to the density of liquid water, the density of an ice cube is
a) always less
b) always greater
c) always the same
d) sometimes less and sometimes greater

Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, three different samples of the same uniform substance will have the same
a) density
b) shape
c) mass
d) volume

The correct explanation of why ice floats is that, compared to liquid water, solid ice
a) is less dense
b) is more dense
c) has more mass
d) has less mass

As air on the surface of Earth warms, the density of the air
a) decreases
b) increases
c) remains the same
d) none of the above

A 5.0-milliliter sample of a substance has a mass of 12.5 grams. What is the mass of a 100 milliliter sample of the same substance?
a) 250 g
b) 400 g
c) 125 g
d) 40.0 g

A pebble has a mass of 35 grams and a volume of 14 ml. What is its density?
a) 2.5 g/ml
b) 0.4 g/ml
c) 490 g/ml
d) 4.0 g/ml

Density is equal to
a) mass divided by volume
b) mass multiplied by volume
c) volume divided by mass
d) volume multiplied by mass

Mass = 10 grams and Volume = 5 ml, what is this objects density?
a) 2 g/ml
b) 0.5 g/ml
c) 10 g/ml
d) 5 g/ml

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