BIM Word Lesson 1-4 Review Lesson 3 Questions Question Preview (ID: 26999)

Lesson 3 Questions.

In a new paragraph, for example, if you type the number 1 followed by a period, and then press the Tab key, Word assumes that you are trying to create a(n) ____.
a) numbered list
b) bulleted list
c) outline
d) presentation

After you type the first four letters, ____ suggests the complete word.
a) AutoComplete
b) AutoDate
c) AutoCalendar
d) AutoHelp

To insert the current date into a document, on the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. Then, in the Text group, click the ____ button.
a) Date
b) Time
c) Date and Time
d) Calendar

To correct an error that has been identified with a wavy underline, ____ the flagged word or phrase to open a shortcut menu with a list of suggestions to replace the possible error.
a) right-click
b) left-click
c) double-click
d) highlight

A(n) ____ is a word with a similar meaning for a word in your document
a) synonym
b) antonym
c) rhyme
d) catch-phrase

__________ means to change the look of text.
a) AutoFormat
b) Formatting
c) AutoCorrect
d) Quick Part

____________________ corrects common capitalization, spelling, grammar, and typing errors as you type.
a) AutoCorrect
b) Automatic Spell Checking
c) Update Automatically
d) Grammatical

____________________ are building blocks you create from frequently used text, such as a name, address, or slogan, and then save so that you can access them easily.
a) Quick Parts
b) Research
c) AutoCorrect
d) Update Automatically

____________________ flags words that might be misspelled by underlining them with a red or blue wavy line immediately after you type them.
a) Automatic Spell Checking
b) AutoCorrect
c) Update Automatically
d) Quick Parts

To look up the definition of a word, select it, click the Thesaurus button to open the ____________________ task pane, and navigate to the Encarta Dictionary.
a) Research
b) Quick Parts
c) AutoCorrect
d) Automatic Spell Checking

If you want to display the current date whenever you open the document, you would click the _______________________________ check box to select it.
a) Update Automatically
b) Quick Parts
c) AutoCorrect
d) Research

Changes fractions and numbers as you type, such as 3/4 to ¾
a) AutoFormat As you Type
b) Automatic Grammar Checking
c) Thesaurus

Identifies possible grammatical errors with green wavy underlines
a) Automatic Grammar Checking
b) AutoFormat As you Type
c) Thesaurus

Displays synonyms for a selected word
a) Thesaurus
b) Automatic Grammar Checking
c) AutoFormat As you Type

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