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Many cities in Texas, such as El Paso reflect the cultural legacy of-
a) England
b) Frnace
c) Portugal
d) Spain

How do missions reflect the way Texans adapted to their environment?
a) Missions were built with the doors facing the north
b) missions were constructed to withstand hurricanes
c) missions were made from natural resources in the area
d) missions were located near land with fertile land for farming

Damian Massanet and Alonso de leo led a successful expedition for Spain into East Tezas in 1690. This came about because the Spanish were concerned about?
a) Settlers going missing in the region
b) slave rebellions occuring in the region
c) Indian tribes attacking missions in the region
d) French forces establishing settlements in the region

Which Spanish Catholic priest cooperated with French authorities in Louisiana to bring missions to East Texas
a) Escandon
b) Hidalgo
c) Jesus
d) Massanet

Which historical figure sent settlers to the land between the Rio Grande And the Nueces river?
a) Jose deEscandon
b) Hildalgo
c) Antonio Margil de Jesus
d) Massanet

The Spanish word vaquero means what
a) Cowboy
b) Mayor
c) Sheriff
d) Soldier

Which group likely viewed the construction of new Spanish missions with suspicion?
a) Anglo Settlers
b) Conquistadors
c) catholic priests
d) American Indian Tribes

Which of the following was a characteristic of the Spanish Colonial Era in Texas?
a) Forts were built to protect American Indian Tribes in Texas
b) American Indian tribes were discouraged from settling in Texas
c) Missions were built to confirm Spanish claims to the land in Texas
d) Spanish explorers negotiated treaties to trade and travel safely in Texas

Spain created the mission-presidio system in Texas to spread its culture in undeveloped land. Which answer choice below shows an effect of the system?
a) The Spanish wanted to teach Indians the Spanish way of life in Texas
b) Spanish communities grew around the missions as the Spanish Culture influenced Texas
c) The Spanish wanted to convert the Indians to Christianity
d) The Spanish culture had no influence in Texas

Spanish official knew settlers needed a midway point between east Texas and New Spain. In__________________ the Missions San Antonio de Valero, The Alamo, was established for just that reason.
a) 1718
b) 1731
c) 1724
d) 1731

1. East Texas missions are moved to San Antonio, 2. Establishment of 1st mission at Corpus Christi de la Ysleta, 3. San Francisco de los Tejas is opened in east Texas What is the correct chronological order for the events?
a) 2,1,3
b) 1,2,3
c) 3,2,1
d) 2,3,1

Which evidence best supports identifying a mission?
a) There are barracks and a workshop
b) there is a plaza and a cemetery
c) there is a cemetery and a path
d) there are indian quarters and a church

Where on a map were most missions located near?
a) Cities
b) Rivers
c) Mountains
d) oceans

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