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I soon discovered that if a wayfaring stranger wishes to eavesdrop on a local population the places for him to slip in and hold his peace are bars and churches. In sentence 1, what does the narrator mean by the phrase hold his peace?
a) To refrain from speaking; To remain silent
b) To engage in nonviolent activities; To hold a piece of something
c) To understand tranquility; To secure peace

...the conversation resulted in the voluntary emancipation of the slave on the part of the master. What does the phrase voluntary emancipation of the slave on the part of the master mean?
a) The slave master inadvertently gave Douglass the words and ideas that led to Douglass’ freedom.
b) The slave and the slave master agreed that Douglass’ freedom was in the best interest of both men.
c) both of the other choices
d) neither of the other choices

Well, do not wait until your tenure as a high school student is over. What does the word tenure mean?
a) duration; time
b) singing; end
c) none of the other choices

But there remain armed guards and checkpoints all the same--still a restriction on the right to travel, still an instrument to impose upon ordinary men and women the will of a totalitarian state. What does the word instrument mean in this speech?
a) a mechanism for doing something; a tool; a force
b) something that someone can play; a contraption
c) a force
d) none of the other choices

According to the language in Amendment IV, when is a search or seizure deemed “unreasonable”?
a) when no Warrant has been presented
b) when there is no probable cause
c) when an issued Warrant doesn’t specify the place or person to be searched or seized
d) all of the other answer choices

What is the purpose of Sojourner Truth’s repetitive use of the phrase, And ain't I a woman?
a) to express urgency; to add emphasis
b) to create unity; to generate pity
c) to evoke fear
d) all of the other choices

When the speaker, Jane Eyre, says, I felt their eyes directed like burning- glasses against my scorched skin, which of the following does she most likely NOT mean?
a) Everyone in the room was staring at her.
b) She felt as though everyone’s gaze was burning into her.
c) She was actually being burned by the glass eyes of her classmates and teachers.
d) She was nervous and uncomfortable with so many people staring at her.

Jane Eyre’s statement that the Rubicon was passed is what form of speech?
a) a proverb
b) a simile
c) an idiom
d) a personification

Which of the following is another way the pastor could have said Jane Eyre might be one of God’s own lambs?
a) Jane Eyre might be a devoted follower of God
b) Jane Eyre might have four legs and a tail.
c) Jane Eyre regularly shaves her head so her hair can be used to make warm socks.
d) Jane Eyre is too good for the pastor to say anything against her.

When the pastor says Jane Eyre is an alien, he means that she is:
a) a being from another planet
b) someone outside the group of good Christians
c) an immigrant from another country
d) an unknown

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