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Legislative, Judicial, And Executive Branches.[print questions]

Which is an example of checks and balances?
a) The constitution contains a bill of rights that details the basic rights of the state’s citizens.
b) The constitution clearly outlines voting requirements and the qualifications for holding public office.
c) The legislative branch makes laws, the executive branch carries out the law, and the judicial branch interprets the law.
d) The legislative branch can impeach the chief executive, the executive branch can veto laws, and the judicial branch can rule

The MAIN purpose of elections in Georgia is to
a) vote on laws
b) amend the constitution.
c) select members of political parties.
d) choose candidates for public office.

Which BEST explains the benefit to voters of candidates associating with a political party?
a) Associating with a political party makes collecting donations from voters easier.
b) Associating with a political party is a necessary requirement in order to run for office
c) Associating with a political party greatly increases the chance a candidate will get elected.
d) Associating with a political party allows voters to know where a candidate stands on most issues.

Which trial court handles misdemeanors, civil cases, and traffic violations?
a) state court
b) probate court
c) superior court
d) magistrate court

The two kinds of courts that make up Georgia’s judicial branch are
a) crime and traffic courts.
b) trial and appellate courts.
c) juvenile and recorder courts.
d) felony and misdemeanor courts.

Courts that look over the decisions of other courts are called
a) trial courts.
b) state courts.
c) appellate courts.
d) magistrate courts.

Which is an example of a “check” performed by the judicial branch on the legislative branch?
a) The governor of Georgia can veto laws passed by the General Assembly.
b) The citizens of the state elect members of the Georgia Supreme Court directly.
c) The Georgia General Assembly can vote to confirm appointment of the governor.
d) The Georgia Supreme Court can rule laws passed by the legislature unconstitutional.

Freedom of speech, bearing arms, and freedom to assemble are all examples of
a) torts.
b) rights
c) legislation.
d) responsibilities.

The Governor's roles include
a) chief executive of the state
b) the chief law enforcement officer
c) the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces
d) All the above.

The governor's formal powers include
a) preparing the annual budget and no veto power
b) not being able to veto legislation passed be the General Assembly
c) preparing the annual budget and being able to veto legislation passed by the General Assembly
d) only being able to veto

In criminal law, crimes for which the punishment is greater than one year are called
a) torts
b) appeals.
c) felonies.
d) misdemeanors.

How long of a term is the Governor elected for how many terms may they serve?
a) 4 year term, can serve 3 terms
b) 8 year term, can serve 2 terms
c) 4 year term, can serve 2 terms
d) 2 year term, can serve 2 terms

Place the steps in the correct order as a bill becomes a law. 1. The governor considers a bill. 2. The entire house debates a bill. 3. The entire house votes on a bill. 4. A bill is assigned to a committee.
a) 2,4,3,1
b) 4,2,3,1
c) 1,4,2,3
d) 3,1,4,2

What are the requirements to be a Georgia governor and lieutenant governor
a) must be at least 30 years old, U.S. citizen for 15 years, and legal resident in Georgia for 6 years preceding the election
b) must be at least 25 years old and a current Georgia resident
c) must be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen for 20 years, and a Georgia legal citizen for 6 years
d) must be at least 35 years old, born in the United States, and a resident of Georgia for 10 years.

The MAIN benefit of the committee system in the Georgia General Assembly is that
a) committees force members of the majority and minority parties to reach compromises
b) committees allow members of paid interest groups to influence the design and wording of bills.
c) committees ensure that when bills are presented to the entire house, passage is guaranteed.
d) committees save time by reviewing and editing bills before they are presented to the entire house.

The highest ranking member of the House of Representatives is the
a) minority leader.
b) majority leader
c) committee chairman.
d) speaker of the house

Most of the actual work that takes place in the Georgia General Assembly takes place
a) during recess.
b) in committees.
c) within house districts.
d) during the general session.

The two houses of the Georgia legislature are the
a) Senate and First House Assembly.
b) Senate and House of Representatives.
c) Supreme Court and House of Commons.
d) Assembly and House of Representatives.

A member of the Georgia General Assembly serves a term of how many years?
a) 6
b) 2
c) 4
d) 8

What is the MOST important duty of members of the Georgia General Assembly?
a) serving on committees
b) voting on proposed laws
c) listening to interest groups
d) campaigning for re-election

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