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What happens to density when the temperature of an object increases?
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it stays the same

A person measures the volume of block of wood to be 50 cubic centimeters. The mass of the block is 145 g. What is the density?
a) 1.5
b) 3.5
c) 2.0
d) 2.9

The density of a rectangle is 5.5 g/cc, the mass is 35 g. What is the volume of the rectangle?
a) 6.9
b) 5.5
c) 6.36
d) 5.0

A student determines the mass of a rock to be 196 g, but the actual mass of the rock is 200 g. The student's approximate percent error is
a) 4.0%
b) 2.0%
c) 1.0%
d) 1.5%

A student determines the volume of a cubic crystal to be 8.6 cubic centimeters. What is her percent error if the correct volume of the crystal is 8.0 cubic centimeters?
a) 6.0%
b) 6.5%
c) 7.0%
d) 7.5%

A student measures his latitude to be 50.0 N when it is actually 40.0 N. What is the percent error in his measurement?
a) 25%
b) 5%
c) 35%
d) 10%

A measurement is best defined as
a) an inference made by using the human senses.
b) an interpretation based on theory.
c) a group of inferred properties.
d) a direct comparison with a known standard.

Which term is best defined as a measure of the amount of space a substance occupies?
a) mass
b) volume
c) density
d) weight

When using a balance you are measuring the _________ of an object.
a) mass
b) length
c) density
d) volume

What is an density?
a) The volume of a substance with a given mass.
b) How much something weighs.
c) The mass of a substance in a given volume.
d) The product of length, width and height.

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