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Hinduism is polytheistic because
a) It has one god
b) It considers the cow sacred
c) It has many gods
d) It has no god

A government that elects representatives to govern is called a
a) Monarchy
b) Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Republic

Islam is monotheistic because
a) Muslims have Five Pillars.
b) Muslims believe in one god.
c) Muslims believe in many gods.
d) Muslims believe in holy war.

Which three religions are monotheistic
a) Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity
b) Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism
c) Christianity, Daoism, and Judaism
d) Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

A government run by one person, with no input from anyone else is called
a) A dictatorship
b) a republic
c) A monarchy
d) An oligarchy

Feudalism is
a) A social system of well-defined classes of people.
b) A religious system.
c) An early Islamic practice.
d) A characteristic of the Roman Empire.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of medieval Europe?
a) Constant violence and warfare
b) The Pope had great power
c) Equal rights for everyone.
d) Kings gave land in exchange for services.

A government that believes it rules as God's representative to uphold God's laws is called
a) Democracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Theocracy
d) Monarchy

Which is not one of Islam's Five Pillars?
a) Prayer
b) Fasting
c) Wearing white robes
d) Pilgrimage

During the Umayyid caliphate, Islam spread as far as
a) Japan
b) England
c) Russia
d) Spain

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