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What is the visual image associated with Normal Distribution?
a) Bell curve
b) Parabola
c) Cosine
d) Hyperbola

Which Italian mathemetition gave us the zero?
a) Galileo
b) Marconi
c) Columbus
d) Fibonacci

Which way is up on a compas?
a) east
b) west
c) north
d) south

In the news, where does one see margin of error?
a) Headlines
b) Footnotes
c) Captions
d) Polling results

What distinguishes an observational study from an experiment?
a) Biology
b) Statistics
c) Heredity
d) Control group

Does sample size affect the margin of error?
a) yes
b) no

Which of the below is a threshold sample size?
a) 1
b) 4
c) 30
d) 2000

Which of these is a valid subject for an observational study?
a) Selecting an appropriate cold remedy.
b) Which of three cold remedies works best?
c) How many cold symptoms are there?
d) None of the above.

What is an example of a mutually exclusive event?
a) Winning the second game of a double header.
b) Flipping a coin and getting heads or tails.
c) Passing a drivers license test.
d) Using a credit card to buy clothes.

What is an example of a conditional probability?
a) Winning the second game of a double header.
b) Rolling a pair of dice the third time.
c) Ordering a meal from a printed menu.
d) Drawing a second card from a deck without haveing replaced the first draw.

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