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Waves that move the particles of the medium parallel to the direction in which the waves are traveling are called
a) transverse waves
b) surface waves
c) longitudinal waves
d) combination waves

The interaction between two waves that meet is called
a) reflection
b) interference
c) diffaction
d) refaction

Sound is a disturbance that travels through a medium as a
a) longitudinal wave
b) surface wave
c) standing wave
d) transverse wave

Waves are created when a source of energy causes a medium to
a) move
b) expand
c) vibrate
d) compress

Loudness, or sound level, is measured in units called
a) decibels
b) hertz
c) meters per second
d) watts per square meter

As a sound source moves toward a listener, the pitch
a) appears to increase
b) appears to decrease
c) stays the same
d) goes up and down repeatedly

Which term refers to how high or low a sound seems to a person?
a) intensity
b) loudness
c) pitch
d) frequency

Frequency is measured in units called
a) hertz
b) amps
c) nodes
d) decibels

Sound does NOT travel through
a) air
b) liquids
c) outer space
d) soilds

The amount of energy a sound wave carries through a medium
a) loudness
b) pitch
c) frequency
d) intensity

Which part of your ear do sound waves enter through?
a) eardrum
b) ear canal
c) earlobe
d) cochlea

A disturbance that transfers energy from place to place is called a
a) medium
b) vibration
c) compression
d) wave

The maximum distance that the particles of a medium move from the starting position is the
a) amplitude of the wave
b) wavelength of the wave
c) frequency of the wave
d) speed of a wave

Which part of your ear send the message to your brain that you've heard a sound?
a) the outermost part of your ear
b) the hair-like structures in the cochlea that are attached to the nerve cells
c) the hammer, anvil, and stirrup located in your middle ear
d) the vibrating eardrum

The distance between two corresponding parts of a wave is the wave's
a) amplitude
b) wavelength
c) wave height
d) frequency

The most common type of hearing loss is due to
a) injury
b) infection
c) aging
d) loud noise or music

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