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Which word is the main idea?
a) eagle
b) dove s
c) sparrow
d) bird

Which word is the main idea?
a) Pepsi
b) Soft drink
c) Coke
d) Mountain Dew

Which word is the main idea?
a) tree
b) pine
c) oak
d) spruce

My friends are making fun of the new kid at school. They say he wears funny clothes and talks weird. They laugh at him. He looks sad. I don't bother him but I want my friends to like me. So I don't say anything. Isn't that ok? What's the main idea?
a) There is a new kid at school.
b) The new student dresses and speaks funny.
c) The new kid is sad.
d) The narrator isn't sure what to do.

Riding the bus is more fun if you can sit in the last seat. It's a smaller seat and you only have to share with one person. The last seat bounces up and down over bumps. It has a large window so you can see the cars below. What is the main idea?
a) The student sist alone.
b) The student likes to bounce around.
c) The student likes to wave.
d) The student likes to ride in the last seat on the bus.

Our state has a test you have to pass to go the the next grade. We work hard all year to get ready for it. Everyone worries about passing. Some a little. Some a lot. We get scores back. We did it! We passed! What is the main idea?
a) Students don't like test.
b) Students worry about taking an important test.
c) The scores make students smile.
d) Students do their best on the test.

PE was the best part of the day. The real truth was we got to play games. We got to be on teams. We got to play outside. We were moving, laughing, yelling and running. It was a great class!
a) The students look forward to PE every day.
b) The children were on teams.
c) The children were playing games.
d) The students were yelling and running.

Earth Day projects were to be brought into school. Projects were to be made from materials that had been thrown away. None of the materials could be purchased. Students used their imaginations to create recycled projects. What is the main idea?
a) The teacher assigned projects from time to time during the year.
b) Only used or discarded materials are allowed for the projects.
c) The projects were to be displayed in the library.
d) Students were to use their imaginations.

Today was going to be a really fun day at school. It was Dr. Seuss Day and that meant the students could wear tall hats, crazy socks, backward clothes and big white gloves. Sam could hardly wait for the day to begin. What is the main idea?
a) Sam had finished his project.
b) Today was going to be a fun day.
c) Wearing crazy clothes is unusual.
d) Sam was really anxious to go to school.

Luis and Miguel wanted to help out in their classroom one morning. They put chairs under the table. They watered the plants. They passed out morning work. They sharpened pencils. Now, the room was ready for the day to begin. What is the main idea?
a) Luis and Miguel were friends.
b) Luis and Miguel were nice boys.
c) Luis and Miguel helped to get the classroom ready.
d) Luis and Miguel wanted the teacher to notice them.

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