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Main idea: Dogs are good friends. Which sentence BEST supports the main idea?
a) Dogs can be trained.
b) Dogs always love us, even when we are grumpy and dirty.
c) Dogs protect us from danger.

Main idea: Camouflage protects animals. Which sentence is NOT a supporting detail?
a) Many animals can blend into their environment.
b) Giraffes eat leaves.
c) Most animals have predators.

Main idea: Exercise is healthy. Choose the supporting detail.
a) A good way to exercise and grow strong is to play basketball.
b) It is not good to eat too much junk food.

This summer we went on a trip to the beach. While we were there we did lots of fun things. One day we built a sand castle. Another day we went fishing. On the last day we went for a ride on a sailboat. It was the best vacation! What is the main idea?
a) a ride on a sailboat
b) a fun vacation
c) the beach

Charlie is my dog. He gets into a lot of trouble. He digs holes in my mom's garden. He chews my dad's slippers. He also eats our food. My parents have signed Charlie up for an obedience class. I hope he learns some manners. What is the main idea?
a) My dog Charlie has bad manners.
b) My mom's garden has holes in it.
c) Charlie is a dog.

Kites come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Some kites are made out of paper or cloth. They come in different shapes like diamond, box and animal shapes. Kites come in different sizes. Kites are a lot of fun to fly. What is the main idea?
a) The kite was first invented in China.
b) Some kits are made from paper.
c) Kites come in many different styles, shapes and sizes.

Ice cream is a tasty treat. There are many different flavors to choose from. Ice cream is cool and creamy and there are lots of different toppings you can sprinkle on top. Ice cream is the best treat on a hot day! What is the main idea?
a) Ice cream is a tasty treat.
b) Toppings are put on top of ice cream.
c) Ice cream comes in different flavors.

Yesterday I went to my friend Sally's birthday party. It was so much fun. We played lots of games. We also hit a pinata until the candy fell out. There was a magician there doing magic tricks. It was a great party. What is the main idea?
a) Pinatas have candy inside.
b) We played games.
c) Sally's party was fun.

I love winter because there are so many fun things to do when it snows. I like to build a snowman. I also like having snowball fights. Most of all, I like to go sledding. Winter is the best season! What is the main idea?
a) I like to go sledding.
b) Winter is the best season.
c) Snowball fights.

Choose the word that is the main idea.
a) Winter
b) Spring
c) Seasons
d) Autumn

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