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What environmental problem does Germany have?
a) Acid Rain
b) Water pollution
c) Nuclear Radiation
d) Noise Pollution

Which Country in Europe has the smog air pollution problem?
a) Germany
b) United Kingdom
c) Ukraine
d) Italy

What environmental problem did Ukraine have?
a) smog air pollution
b) not enough water
c) Nuclear Power plant blew up spreading radiation
d) too many cars

How does nature play a role in Germany's acid rain problem?
a) Air currents carry toxic smoke from other countries factories to Germany.
b) It has no effect
c) River expands
d) car exhausts goes into the air

What are the main causes of acid rain
a) diseased forests
b) coal burning factories and automobile emissions
c) smokeless zones
d) animals

Which situation is an effect of acid rain?
a) animals multipying
b) clean water
c) abundance of fish
d) diseased forests

What is the main cause of air pollution in the United Kingdom?
a) coal burning factories and car emissions
b) plant toxins
c) water pollution
d) animals

What was created after the Great Smog of 1952?
a) London's smokeless zones
b) more cars
c) more coal burning plants
d) more factories

What was an effect of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine?
a) water was unsafe to drink for months
b) people were healthier
c) more people moved into the area
d) built another nuclear power plant

What did the government do to make the reactor safe?
a) The reactor was left in the open under lots of trees.
b) They blew up another reactor.
c) They did nothing.
d) The reactor was buried in concrete.

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