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A mixture of various decaying organic substances, as dead leaves used for improving garden soil
a) fertilizer
b) vitamins
c) minerals
d) compost

To decay or to break down into basic elements
a) decompose
b) organic
c) angiosperm
d) nutrients

Materials that have never been alive
a) seeds
b) taproots
c) inorganic material
d) pollen

Composed of matter other than plant or animal found on Earth,examples nitrogen and phosphorous
a) organic
b) minerals
c) houseplants
d) herbs

Substances found in food that organisms needs to grow, repair itself, and supply energy
a) vascular
b) germination
c) nutrients
d) decompose

Matter that is or was once part of a living organism
a) organic
b) inorganic
c) annual
d) perennial

A substance that promotes plant growth by supplying minerials such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium
a) germination
b) fertilizer
c) pollen
d) chlorophyll

A group of organic compounds found in fruits and vegetables essential for human growth
a) minerals
b) herbs
c) vitamins
d) seeds

Which of the following woud be an inorganic material
a) paper
b) flower
c) rock
d) stick

Which of the following would be an organic material
a) stick
b) copper
c) marble
d) nitrogen

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