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Introduction To Horticulture Vocabulary.[print questions]

The male reproductive organ of a flower
a) pistil
b) deciduous
c) stamen
d) fibrous roots

The reproductive cells that is located on the underside of a fern leaf that look like dots
a) pollen
b) spores
c) mineral
d) pistil

A large vertical root (like a carrot) with a few smaller roots
a) taproot
b) vascular
c) succulent
d) spores

The female reproductive part of a flower that leads to the ovaries.
a) stamen
b) angiosperm
c) minerals
d) pistil

In plants these type of roots are generally about the same size and there are many.
a) fibrous roots
b) taproot
c) stamen
d) seeds

The green pigment in plants that absorbs light energy used to carry out photosynthesis
a) vitamins
b) organic
c) vegetables
d) chlorophyll

The part of the plant where most of the food is made
a) taproot
b) leaves
c) houseplant
d) angiosperm

The yellow powder found on the top of the stamen in flowers
a) stamen
b) spores
c) pollen
d) pistil

Photosynthesis is the process in which a plant makes
a) roots
b) leaves
c) food
d) fruit

Spores are found on the underside of what type of plant
a) trees
b) ferns
c) houseplants
d) herbs

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