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The combination of alleles for a given trait (FF, Ff, ff)
a) Phenotype
b) Genotype
c) Gene
d) Dominant

The name for the science of heredity
a) The chromsome theory
b) Gregor Mendel
c) Darwin
d) Genetics

A cell containing two different alleles for a given trait
a) Pure Breed
b) homozygous
c) heterozygous
d) recessive

The form of a trait which is masked or hidden
a) recessive
b) dominant
c) hybrid
d) autosomes

Person/s given credit for starting the the science of heredity
a) Charles Darwin
b) Gregor Mendel
c) Julie Hagglund
d) Watson and Crick

Homozygous dominant
a) ss
b) Ss
c) Hh
d) HH

a) Gg
b) FF
c) jj
d) MM

Heterozygous dominant
a) tt
b) Tt
c) TT
d) tT

The physical characteristics of an individual
a) aa
b) Tt
c) genotype
d) phenotype

The first individuals crossed in a genetics experiment
a) F1 generation
b) F2 generation
c) F3 generation
d) P generation

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