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What grade would you give this group presentation?
a) 100%
b) 105%
c) 107%
d) 115%

When you ask if law-breaking is involved, what type of test are you using?
a) Right-versus-Wrong
b) Right-versus-Right
c) Moral-versus-Ethical
d) Criminal-versus-Social

At which checkpoint do you ask yourself if there is a third way through this dilemma?
a) Apply the resolute principles
b) Escape the dilemma
c) Make the decision
d) Test for Right-versus-Right

Which answer choice below is not a resolution principle as identified by Kiddler?
a) Kantian
b) Utilitarian
c) Golden Rule
d) Emersonian

Which step below is not on Kiddler's checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making?
a) Test for Right-versus-Wrong issues
b) Test for Right-versus-Right paradigms
c) Apply the resolute Principles
d) Test for Right-versus-Left political affiliations

What term does Kiddler use to define that which has intrinsic worth; a principle, standard, or quality that is worthwhile.
a) Moral
b) Pragmatic
c) Ethical
d) Value

What is the first checkpoint in Kiddler's Checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making?
a) Whose dilemma is it?
b) Distinguish facts from assumptions
c) Is there an ethical dilemma?
d) Can we escape the dilemma?

What is one framework that can be utilized to sequence the decision-making process, clarify values and issues, increase awareness of the morally relevant issues, make decisions about an ethical course of action in a case, and justify it?
a) Gandhi's Checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making
b) Foust's Checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making
c) Kidder’s Checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making
d) Bidulescu's Checkpoints for Ethical Decision-Making

What term does Kiddler use to define having to do with right and wrong conduct?
a) Moral
b) Ethical
c) Value
d) Pragmatic

What term does Kiddler use to define pertaining to the study of of standards or right and wrong behavior?
a) Moral
b) Value
c) Ethical
d) Pragmatic

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