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Who fought as an ally to the French in the French and Indian War?
a) American Colonists
b) Indians
c) British
d) Spanish

Laws for trade between Britain and its colonies. Colonists had to ship products to England. These laws made colonists angry because they couldn't trade with other countries.
a) British Colonial Acts
b) Intolerable Acts
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) Navigation Acts

Working against one's own government:
a) Democracy
b) Treason
c) Parliament
d) Tariff

Kept British colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains said settlers living west of the mountains had to move back east.
a) Proclamation of 1763
b) Battles of Lexington and Concord
c) Navigation Acts
d) Intolerable Acts

A colonist who supported the British monarch and laws:
a) Redcoat
b) Patriot
c) Loyalist
d) Colonist

A tax on goods brought into a country:
a) import
b) export
c) tariff
d) tax

The part of the British government in which members make laws for the British people.
a) Public Opinion
b) Parliament
c) Democracy
d) Proclamation of 1763

The lawmaking branch of a colony, state government, or the national government
a) Proclamation
b) Legislature
c) Democracy
d) Self-government

A system of government in which the people make their own laws:
a) Self-government
b) Monarchy
c) Legislature
d) Loyalist

To have control over someone or something:
a) tariff
b) tax
c) export
d) authority

Acting or speaking on behalf of someone:
a) loyalist
b) treason
c) representation
d) authority

A refusal to buy goods or services
a) boycott
b) import
c) petition
d) export

A request for action signed by many people:
a) boycott
b) import
c) petition
d) export

Money that is paid by the people to run the country is:
a) import
b) export
c) tax
d) ally

A government in which the people take part is a:
a) democracy
b) legislature
c) boycott
d) petition

The British and colonists fought against the French and Indians in what war?
a) Seven Years War
b) French and Indian War
c) War for Independence
d) Civil War

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